Our Vision

We’re using our deep expertise to build a next-generation trading platform. What happens when you put world class traders, programmers and user interface designers in the same room? We intend to find out.

Our Mission

Spire Trading is the product of Kamal Mansouri’s life-long passion for programming and finance. Over 15 years of algorithmic trading and have led to deep insights around how to create the fastest, most stable and intuitive trading platform on the market today.

Shahrzad Masoumnia


The desire to reveal form and elegance within large data sets led Shahrzad to co-found Spire. Having attained her M.Eng. from the University of Calgary, Shahrzad puts to use her research background in machine learning to sift through and organize enormous amounts of financial data. By striking the right balance between art, data, and technology, Shahrzad works to present the world’s financial markets in a way that is functional and intuitive.

Kamal Mansouri


Kamal focuses on leveraging new technologies and data visualizations in the design and implementation of trading strategies. Having started to program as a child, Kamal was eventually employed by both Microsoft and Google as a software engineer before being a co-founder of Spire Trading Inc. He brings decades worth of technical experience towards the development of reliable and efficient trading platforms.

Darryl Hans


As the UI/UX Designer, Darryl started off his career as a graphic designer. He is a passionate and dedicated designer who has been working professionally in the design industry for several years. He is here to help Spire grow by providing creative ideas and solutions for our UI and brand identity. He believes that being humble is the key factor to produce satisfying results when working as a team.