A lightweight trading platform that simply works.

Spire is trading platform that optimizes your ability to trade easily and comfortably.

Minimal, efficient, reliable

Spire is engineered to be lightening-quick and extremely stable, Spire focuses on a core set of features that are critical for trading success.

A unified interface

When the markets are moving quickly, you'll find everything in its rightful place. The Spire user interface gets out of the way to let you focus on your trading.

Customizable user interface

Customize your interface to fit the way you want to trade. We want you to feel comfortable when trade where ever you are.

Manipulate strategies on-the-fly

Use Spire's custom interface to build sophisticated strategies for timing and order entry. Adjust your strategies on-the-fly based on changing market conditions.

Pre-trade risk controls

Place limits on how much traders can lose in a single trading session and secure profits made earlier in the day.

Compliance Simplified

Spire comes pre-loaded with a library of controls that can be mixed and matched to keep your trading firm continuously in compliance.

Internal matching of order flow

Save unnecessary exchange and brokerage costs and allow multiple traders to trade the same instruments without worry of wash trades.

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Full Customization

Let us customize Spire for your firm. Add new features or integrate Spire with your existing tools and infrastructure.

Access new markets

Embrace global opportunities. Grow your trading floor by leveraging our expertise and relationships to unlock new markets around the world.


From hardware and software, to databases and backups, let Spire host your trading infrastructure.


Leverage Spire's presence at major financial hubs for lightening fast data and trade execution.

Data Sourcing

Clean, fast and reliable data, hassle free. Let Spire manage your data feeds.

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